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~ English Version ~

written by Sally Nakamura

〜English version〜 written by Sally Nakamura

Under the blue sky this everlasting road
Walking hand in hand along the beautiful seaside road
We will always be with you Keep on smiling anytime

Let’s look at the sky and try to catch the sun
Flying with the wind a great future will wait for us
We are gonna sing and dance with the full of love and hope

Never give up even though it’s hard time
Go for it and you can find your way
Don’t look back , just keep on going forward
All your dreams will be coming true

God gave us what a great moment
We are always dancing for your dream.
Sing a song then I will show a miracle
Are you ready? Set go!

Dancin’ in the wind and singing in the sun
We are living in this beautiful town
Have fun! Don’t worry be happy we are always by your side
Idol Star Gakuen

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